Our Services

eatForLife is an electronic WEIGHT LOSS programme which specialises in changing your lifestyle and eating habits for good, so you will not gain the weight again and look for yet another quick fix solution. eatForLife has been designed by and is administered by qualified dieticians and is scientifically based.

EatForLife is a unique, easy to use, interactive weight loss programme, which promotes healthier eating for life. It is not based on a point system, nor do you have to weigh your food (for those who wish to weight their portions a system to do so is provided). The programme is based on balanced nutrition, an active lifestyle and a balanced approach to living.

Dieticians will create personal and customised eating plans to suit YOUR goals and needs. Your progress towards these goals is then monitored under close supervision. The eatForLife programme is based on foods from all food groups.

List of services:

• Your risk status will be assessed and meal plans will be devised accordingly
• Meal plans will be devised according to individual requirements
• Meal plans can be tailor made according to members taste preferences
• Meal plans can be tailored to cater for vegetarians
• Type 2 Diabetics, members with high cholesterol or high blood pressure receive suitable meal plans for their medical conditions
• While the programme targeted at WEIGHT LOSS, it is suitable for people wanting to gain weight or maintain their weight, as well as for increased energy levels.
• Depending on the total amount of weight that you wish to lose, appropriate and achievable weekly/monthly weight loss goals will be set for you. Your weight loss journey will be broken up into achievable weekly goals so as to keep you motivated and focussed.
• Your progress will be monitored and you will be given regular feedback on your progress
• You will receive nutrition education relevant to your weight loss journey
• You will be taught how to make healthy food choices and stay motivated and focused on your journey
• The scientific basis of the programme ensures that you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way while receiving the optimum benefit from your diet.

Above all, you will have fun, while LOSING WEIGHT.

Our Team

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Matthew Grossett — Group Chief Executive Officer

Matthew comes from a pedigreed sporting background. He was a provincial athlete for eight years, and held a provincial 400m hurdles record for three years. Since retiring from competitive track athletics, he has undertaken and completed a number of endurance events:

- over 100 half marathons
- over 15 standard marathons
- 11 ultra-marathons
- 2 Comrades marathons (rated the world’s toughest ultra-marathon)

In addition to the above, he finished in the top 50 of the toughest stage mountain biking event in the world, The ABSA Cape Epic, an 8 day, off road stage cycle race. While being an accomplished athlete in his own right, Matthew has a passion for nurturing new athletes. In the past 3 years alone, he has personally taken (coached and run with) over 50 people through their first half marathon.

His work outside athletics has been varied, and since completing his Master’s degree (with Distinction), he lectured at one of South Africa’s most renowned Universities for 4 years. He is the author of a number of legal articles and books. On leaving academia, he went on to become a director at FCB South Africa, one of South Africa’s largest advertising groups, which handled brands like Toyota, Adcock Ingram, Unilever and Barclays Bank.

Matthew is currently the Group CEO of a multi-national fitness and weight loss organization, Run/Walk For Life.

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Antonette du Plessis — Head Dietician

Antonette Grant-Du Plessis studied a BSc at the UOVS ( now the University of the Free State) from 1994 – 1997. She has over 20 year’s experience working as private practising dietician in Rustenburg. She has a great interest in sports nutrition, diabetes and weight loss. Though a keen runner, she stopped after she started to work and that together with not “practising what she preaches” in respect of healthy eating, she gained about 15kg.

“Late night snacks, take outs, skipping meals – that was the story of my life. As a dietician I knew exactly what to eat, but I didn’t, till one day when I climbed on my scale and looked in horror at what I’d seen. I felt desperate and angry at myself for letting go, but I knew there was only one way of getting back in shape - so I changed my eating habits and started to exercise again. It took me some time, but I’ve never looked back. I ran several 21km, 15km, 10km races and by “accident” even a 42km! I got married to the most wonderful guy and though he is a geologist, we also farm and enjoy the tranquility of nature. We have 2 lovely children (I am sure all moms say that) and it was when I was pregnant with my first born that the reality struck me of how depended a baby is on the mother for good nourishment – this helped me to focus even more on eating healthy during my pregnancy. After the birth of second child, it became harder to do long training runs, so I started masters athletics that allowed me shorter training sessions and in 2013 I got my Springbok colours for the 800m event. I believe in eating healthy most of the time. I believe we all receive one body and we need to look after it. Every single cell in our body needs nutrients and it is up to us to choose what we are going to eat and in other words, what are we going to provide for our cells.”

“I don’t want anyone at eatForLife to think of us here as judgemental. I have been overweight too, I know how it feels. But I do know that eating healthy can make such an enormous difference in your life. We need to love our bodies by nourishing it with good food, not punish it with yet another starvation or fad diet. Healthy eating should become a lifestyle and that is exactly what eatForLife is.”

Antonette joined eatForLife in 2013 and has added invaluable knowledge to the program over the last few years. Together with Michelle Orlando and Clayton Wright, they have built eatForLife from what it used to be, to something amazing – a lifestyle programme that can help people all other South Africa to eat healthy and reach their healthy weight goals.