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    Unique, Interactive, Flexible Eating Programme

    Based on a balanced approach to living

    Major emphasis on Weight loss

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    Affordable plans, starting from R290pm

    Free to Active Run Walk for Life Members

    3, 6 OR 12 month subscriptions

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    Easy Online Registration Process

    Sign up in less than 5 minutes

    Get access to your meal plan within 24 hours

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The eatForLife® programme is suitable for anyone suffering from a lifestyle disease such as high cholesterol and blood pressure as well as Type 2 diabetics. The program also caters for teenagers, adults and vegetarians (vegetarians can make use of the interactive system to change their menus according to their food preferences. Further information directed at vegeterians is provided in the programmes information station).

The balanced interactive menu plans cater for the nutritional needs of both men and women. The eatForLife program is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight and for anyone wanting to improve their health and learn how to eat well for sustained energy levels.

Following the eatForLife programme does not mean you have to ban foods or eat boring bland meals to achieve weight or health goals.

There are many food and meal options to choose from in the eatForLife programme so you can design your own eating plan to suite your taste buds!

The recipes will provide you with a variety of appetising breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. Recipes will be updated so watch out for these delicious updates.

When you sign up with eatForLife, you receive access to a unique, easy to use, interactive eating programme, which has been worked out according to your requirements, taking into account your age, weight, height, medical conditions and exercise levels.

The eatForLife programme has been designed and is administered by registered dieticians, so you receive the latest health and nutrition information.

The eatForLife programme is based on balanced nutrition, an active lifestyle and a balanced approach to living.

The eatForLife programme offers convenience as it can be used in the privacy of your own home or office.

Yes you can.
To join online please click on the ‘register’ icon, choose a membership option and complete the registration form.

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To me eatForLife is not a diet but a change in lifestyle.
I have become much more aware of what I eat and how certain foods affect my body.

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