"I am wearing clothes that I last wore 8 years ago"

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To me eatForLife is not a diet but a change in lifestyle. I have become much more aware of what I eat and how certain foods affect my body.

The benefit of eatForLife for me has been:
1. Losing weight – I went from 131kg in April to 98kg in September 2009.
2. My blood pressure was controlled using medication. My GP has since told me to stop taking the medication for now and hopefully permanently.
3. I am wearing clothes that I last wore 8 years ago.
4. I feel healthy and don’t feel guilt if I have the occasional slice of chocolate cake.

I have also continued to follow the eatForLife eating programme and am now on the maintenance programme.

I have learnt that it can be done if you put your mind to it and with the support and encouragement from the eatForLife staff it is possible.

Stefan Kleynhans